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Tabby from Tabs24x7Official
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Emily & Evelyn from TwoSistersToyStyle
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Bakeable Cheesecake Kit Kat
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Amy and Aubrey from Food Mania Review
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What Our Fans Are Saying


Japan Yum shows a great level of dedication and care in each individual package. They provide traditional as well as fun and popular snacks in each box. I'm totally addicted!!

— Natalya, Japan Yum Subscriber


I was gifted this subscription box and I have fallen in love! It has traditional treats that are interesting to try while having weird snacks at the same time.

— Lauren, Japan Yum Subscriber

That Video Game Blog

Japan Yum offers a lot of bang for your buck. A good sized box filled with 8-10 tasty treats found only in Japan. Plus, anyone around the world can order a box! It's a winning business all around.

— Noe, That Video Game Blog


Thank you Japan Yum for all the awesome snacks, we loved every single one of them in the October box, great product!

— Emily & Evelyn, TwoSistersToyStyle


Japan Yum keeps getting better! The choco snacks are my favorite thing in the box. I'm looking forward to October's box, I'm sure even that will be more improved.

— RLB RDB, Japan Yum Subscriber


I love all my snacks! Yummy! I've never tried any of the snacks before so they're a real treat! Japanese snacks are always super fun to eat!

— Sany, Subaholic

Beeju Boxes

Japan Yum has great potential. Compared to other snack boxes, you definitely get more for the same price tag. Personally I think given another month or two, this box will be wow inducing.

— Beeju, Beeju Boxes


I love the umaibo, they're like my favorite snack! They're sooo good! *Om nom nom nom nom*

— Tabby, Tabs24x7Official

FoodMania Review

It's really neat that you get a really cool variety of different things. If you're an adventurous eater and if you love Japanese foods and treats, I think it's a really fun subscription to have.

— Amy & Aubrey, FoodMania Review

What Our Subscribers Are Saying