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Furuta - Sequoia Chocolate Bars

To start, each box had two Furuta Sequioa Chocolate Bars, one strawberry one dark chocolate. It's a crisp wafer with a creamy filling and a smooth chocolate/strawberry cream outer layer.

Furuta Sequoia Chocolate Bars

Top Seika - Gudetama Gum

Meet everyone's favorite lazy egg, Gudetama! Each subscriber got two packs of gum, featuring two Gudetama stickers! Only 62 more to go to complete the sticker collection!

Top Seika Gudetama Gum

Kabaya - Hello Kitty Strawberry Sticks

Whether you're a Hello Kitty fan or not, you'll be sure to enjoy these strawberry cream pretzels.

Kabaya Hello Kitty Strawberry Sticks

Meiji - Nazo No Jitsu Grape

This candy bag came with three types of grape flavored candies. Will you eat them one by one and enjoy their flavors separately, or combine all three to reveal a new mystery flavor?

Meiji Nazo No Jitsu Grape

Meiji - Gummy Grape Vine Candy

Ever had grapes straight from the vine? Well, this is sort of like that... except it's a gummy vine with gummy grapes!

Meiji Gummy Grape Vine Candy

Pine - Sweet & Sour Lollipop Dip

A classic dip-the-lollipop-in-the-powder candy. The lollipop is cider flavored while the powder is a sweet sherbet.

Pine Sweet & Sour Lollipop Dip

Marukawa - Grape Bubblegum

One of Japan's stables in gum, Marukawa gum! This month, our subscribers enjoyed its grape flavor. Many more flavors to come in the future!

Marukawa Grape Bubblegum

We hope you enjoyed this month's snacks, we sure enjoyed sending them to you!

<3 Japan Yum

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