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Why Japan Yum?

  • Do you miss Japan, or really want to visit?
  • Are you tired of the same old boring candy?
  • Want to experience Japan's crazy candy culture?

Did you answer YES to all three? WE DID!

We wanted Japanese treats, but we don't live in Japan. Badly craving Japanese candy, we ordered some online. After struggling with translations and currency conversions, we finally ordered a box for $33.53 (+ $15.70 shipping). Five weeks later we got our snacks, chips crushed and chocolates melted. Bummer.

Everyone deserves to experience Japanes candy, but it was frustrating to get some. So we started Japan Yum! We work directly with Japanese candy suppliers and store all the awesome treats in our United States facility. That means you can try more Japanese candy for less, with free quick shipping!

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